Grand Canyon Photo Expedition

Photos and text by Leroy Beal

Leroy Beal was a member of the May 2002 Grand Canyon Workshop Expedition. This page contains his photographs and comments from that trip.

I knew that photographing the Grand Canyon would be difficult. Large distances and high contrast lighting situations create problems when using positive film. The landscape is almost too Grand to capture. And because the last year has been very dry, there were few wildflowers and less side canyon run off. It was a challenge to pick out small pockets of beauty that give the essence of place. 

Stone and Water

Pentax ZX-5n, 28mm-70mm zoom, Polarizer filter, Fuji velvia.

Pools of water allow life to survive among the tumbled boulders. 

Textured Canyon Walls

Pentax ZX-5n, 28mm-70mm zoom, Polarizer filter, Fuji provia.

This image reminds me of the Slot Canyons of the nearby Southwest, only here on a very large scale .

Cool Oasis

Pentax ZX-5n, 28mm-70mm zoom, Polarizer filter, Fuji provia.

Even in a dry year, water flows year round in some streams. 

Scarlet Monkeyflower

Pentax ZX-5n, 17mm-28mm zoom, Fuji velvia.

A few wildflowers were in bloom. Here a single Scarlet Monkeyflower flourishes by a calm pool.

Colors on the River

Pentax ZX-5n, 17mm-28mm zoom, Panorama mask, enhancing filter, Fuji velvia.

Our boat, the "Tatahatso", gives scale and defines place for this river scene. The combination of film and filter exaggerate the evening colors. I like using the panorama mask feature, particularly with the ultra-wide zoom, to vary the aspect ratio of my images. Unless you intend to make large prints, the half-frame image is not a problem. 

Little Colorado and MR

Pentax ZX-5n, 28mm-70mm zoom, Panorama mask, Polarizer filter, Fuji velvia

Thanks, Michael, for adding just the right touch to this image.

This was a once in a lifetime trip for me. I want to thank everyone on the boat for making this such a great experience.

© 2002 Leroy Beal