Guide to Image Quality


Maximize the Image Quality of every shot you take!

This download video tutorial identifies the key factors that lead to exceptional in-camera image quality – or lack of it:

What should be included and what should be excluded; what techniques should be used and what pitfalls to avoid.

This is not only a tutorial on software techniques but the distillation of the practical knowledge and experience of two life-long working photographers: Michael Reichmann & Jeff Schewe.

Know what to look for before pressing the shutter release and know what to look for when first reviewing your pictures.

Michael & Jeff discuss & demonstrate the effects on Image Quality of:

- Resolution

- Image Stabilization

- Tripod Use

- Mirror Lock-up & Cable release

- High ISO

- Expose to the Right (ETTR)

- High Dynamic Range Technique (HDR)

- Noise and its removal

- Lens Diffraction

- Focus Bracket Technique

- Panoramas & Stitching

- Seeing beyond the Camera Defaults

- Selection Editing

This is not your usualscreen grab with voice over style tutorial. This is a Live multi-camera video shot in a studio with professional production values, produced by award winning cinematographer and editor Chris Sanderson.

The Luminous Landscape Guide to Image Quality is excerpted from the tutorial Camera to Print & Screen and is made up of Video 3 through 11 of that Tutorial. The price is US $16.95.

The purchase of this tutorial will allow a discount on the purchase of Camera to Print & Screenat any time in the future. Camera to Print & Screenwhich includesThe LuLa Guide to Image Qualitycurrently sells for US $44.96, a 10% discount over its final price when completed.

For discount details, see the Read Me file in the first download zip file.

Since The Image Quality tutorial is part of 
the Print and Screen tutorial 
please do not purchase both.

About the Video Files

The video files are stand-alone. This is not streaming video but rather video material that you purchase and store for future reference. There is no expiration date or subscription.

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August, 2011