Camera Equipment of The Year – 2014


Another year is now behind us, and a number of interesting cameras have crossed our desks. Some have come and gone in just a week or two, while others have taken up semi-permanent residence. What cameras stuck, and which ones failed to make a lasting impression? One word before we start – whenever a discussion of cameras comes up a cliche proclaimed among some … [Read more...]

Bill Atkinson’s Photo Card – A Review

BillThe nameBill Atkinsonis likely well known to both photographers as well as computer users. Bill was one of the early employees at Apple Computer, was the inventor of Hypercard, and one of the core designers of the Mac's user interface, including the concept of drop down menus as well as much of the GUI that we now take for granted on all computer platforms. Bill is also … [Read more...]

A Pill To Get Hooked On – PhotoPills


The Planner Screen for PhotoPills, So much information, So well done. A Tool Every Photographer Should Have It’s a rare occasion these days when a new app makes an appearance that raises the bar for all others. For photographersPhotoPillsmay be just that app. Recently introduced for the IOS platform and specifically iPhone, PhotoPills sets a new standard of being an app … [Read more...]


Reviewed by Cris Daniels This review is of a RIP (Raster Image Processor) designed for large-format printers. With prices starting just shy of US $2,000 this is a product for the photographer doing either commercial or high volume fine art printing. Even if this doesn't include you, the article makes for interesting reading because it shows what the possibilities … [Read more...]

iCorrect Professional

February, 2002 Pictographicshas announcediCorrect EditLab, an excellent new program that surpassesiCorrect Professionalin a number of areas. With its release the price ofiCorrect Professionalhas been reduced to $79.00. August, 2001 Version 3.0 ofiCorrectis now available. A number of my original gripes have been addressed and certain features added, like the ability to … [Read more...]