Henry Wilhelm Interview

In the late Summer of 2008, Michael interviewed Henry Wilhelm,
founder ofWilhelm Imaging Research
for a video in the currentEpson Print Academy.

The Print Academy video is about 14 minutes.

Here is the complete 68 minute video interview
the Audio Only – divided into 18 short smaller files


235 MB
Movie may have to fully download to play

This video allows the use of chapter markers for navigation:
click on the
‘1. Introduction’drop-down menu above

To listen to a subject within the interview,
check out these Audio only files.


Why Henry went to Jail


Light Fastness Ratings

Recent History

History of Inkjet

Inkjet’s Advantage

ISO standard?

Dye & Pigment Inks

The Five Factors of Permanence

Papers & Inks

Paper Types – 1

Paper Types – 2

Buzz Words

Epson HDR Permanence & More Buzz Words

OBAs – Optical Brightening Agents



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