Henry Wilhelm Interview – Audio Edition

In the late Summer of 2008, I interviewedHenry Wilhelm, the world’s preeminent authority on print permanence and the founder ofWilhelm Imaging Research.This interview was conducted on behalf ofEpson, to be used as part of their 2008/2009Epson Print Academy. The clip used by Epson was edited down to 14 minutes for use inThe Print Academy.

Because the complete interview contains so much more fascinating and valuable information about current printing technology and materials than can be contained in 14 minutes, with the agreement of Epson we have put together a comprehensive and complete version of this important interview. This runs slightly more than one hour, at some 68 minutes.

We are making it available here online at no charge in two versions. This page contains the interview inaudio onlyformat, broken up into eighteen separate files. The interview is alsoavailable as a video, with individual topics accessible through Chapter Markers. Otherwise the content is the same.

Michael Reichmann
Toronto – November, 2008


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The Interview

Wilhelm & Reichmann


Why Henry went to Jail


Light Fastness Ratings

Recent History

History of Inkjet Printing

Inkjet’s Advantage

ISO Standard?

Dye & Pigment Inks

The Five Factors of Permanence

Papers & Inks

Paper Types – 1

Paper Types – 2

More Buzz Words

Epson HDR Inks +moreBuzzwords

OBAs – Optical Brightening Agents


Recommendations for Permanence


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