Photographer Profiles

Dancing Beyond The Light : The new work of Sam Choisy

Sam Choisy is a personal friend and an artist The Luminous Landscape profiled last year. Sam is a French transplant to Canada who carries a


Lightpainting with a Harmonograph Harmony of Light – From Technology to Art? By Andrew Carter

Introduction I am a lifetime enthusiast photographer, but my career has been in Optoelectronics and Engineering, designing and building the devices that power today’s optical

Photographer Profiles

Ajani Charles – The Impact.

Growing up in the extremely multicultural city of Toronto, my friends, family members, and collaborators invariably represent a diverse group of people. The network of

Photographer Profiles

Jacques Oulé: Across time, into the sublime.

Jacques Oulé was born in France in 1958, he grew up in Aix en Provence, lived in Paris before moving to Toronto in 1981. He

Landscape & Environment

(Rediscover) Voice In A Landscape

When I began taking landscape photographs my primary interest was in capturing the scenery in front of the lens. After all, isn’t that what it’s

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