THE QUEST FOR FORM – Thinking about composition in new ways: By Darren Lewey

Many articles or books on composition refer to different locations and subjects when explaining what makes a successful image. However, there are multiple compositional outcomes

Photographer Profiles

Rock Creek, Eastern Sierras north of Bishop, CA

On Maintaining Artistic Relevance

Nature photography has been my longest running passion. Not my strongest passion. That claim belongs to my wife and family. But, I started photographing western

Landscape & Environment

Image 1: With Cyclist

What Makes a Great Fine Art Architectural Photograph?

It was and always will be my belief that a great architectural image must adhere to the following 3 features: Composition is King. In architectural


Positive Use Of Negative Space

If you’ve been reading EV Mag for any significant length of time, chances are you’re familiar with my belief that the most critical ingredient for

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