Landscape & Environment

Shooting for the truth

It’s a brave ambition, in times like ours, to turn away from the seductive certainties of capital-T Truth. The inaugural issue of the multimedia platform

Photographer Profiles

Dancing Beyond The Light : The new work of Sam Choisy

Sam Choisy is a personal friend and an artist The Luminous Landscape profiled last year. Sam is a French transplant to Canada who carries a

Photographer Profiles

Photographic Minimalism to the Max! The work of Marcus Cederberg

The nexus where the photographic, the photograph, design, and art meet, might look something like Marcus Cederberg’s images. I spent much of my youth traveling

Landscape & Environment

What is Equivalence ?

A change of perspective is a change in state. Jean Piaget reminds us that, “What we see changes what we know. What we know changes

Profile: Summer On The Way with Mark Sommerfeld

  A few months ago a photograph taken for the NYT of the ever-polarizing Jordan Peterson began circulating on my FB feed and within my

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