Camera & Technology

Three new cameras and three great photo accessories

Sony and Fujifilm released important new camera bodies the week of January 25, 2021. Both flagships, Sony’s Alpha 1 and Fujifilm’s GFX 100S, are expensive

Photographer Profiles

Year in Review, Year Ahead Part 3 – Lenses and Printing

We’ve seen a lot of innovation in lenses lately, and I’m looking forward to more this coming year. The full-frame mirrorless mounts are really coming


On Printing and Paper Part III – Printers.

Making your own prints, especially using a large-format printer that can produce 16×24” and larger prints, is a substantial commitment in time, space and money.

Camera & Technology

On Printing and Paper Part 1 – overview, history and definitions.

From the earliest days of photography, the preferred form of expression of a photograph has most often been a print. Some of the earliest photographic

Camera & Technology

A Tale of Two Fujis Part I – Introduction and the GFX 100

                  Fujifilm is one of the most interesting players in the camera market in early 2020. They always march to their own drum – skipping the

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