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The Proof is in the Printing – Part III of A Slew of Similar Sony Sensors

You’ve never seen files like this before, unless you’ve used either the original GFX 100 or very expensive medium format modular systems from Phase One

Camera & Technology

A Slew of Similar Sony Sensors (and two news pieces)

Leica just introduced a new 24-70mm f2.8 Vario-Elmarit for L-mount (or so the press releases say)… I was immediately suspicious that something was not exactly

Camera & Technology

Of the Leica SL2

A week after I thought there were no more cameras coming for the year (except possibly for an irrelevant Leica SL2), the surprising Leica SL2

Camera & Technology

How large is your printer? (does the difference between 45 and 60 MP really matter)

There have been many breathless articles in the technology press lately about how the Sony A7r IV is the “best camera for this or that

Camera & Technology

PhotoPlus report – digital SLR and mirrorless cameras.

PhotoPlus 2019 was the smallest it has been in the decade or more I’ve been attending regularly. Sony didn’t attend, preferring to host their own

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