Landscape & Environment

Therapeutic Power Spots Japan – Healing The Adventurer Photographer

No explorer with backpack and camera in hand can escape the consequences of the decisions they have made.  Two shining examples are Edmund Hillary or

Landscape & Environment

The Shoguns & Nikko – How three Samurai shaped Japan

Nikko was founded in the 8th century by Shodo Shonin, a Zen Buddhist monk before there was any bakufu or shogun in Japan.  The first

Photographer Profiles

The Holocaust Memorial Berlin By Gerry Phillipson with Editors note.

Editor’s note: I was trawling the often toxic environs of the internet this morning before even getting out of bed (always a mistake). I came

Landscape & Environment

The camera as a tool for exploring the world.

There was exciting new tool for photographic art released on September 10, 2019. It is perhaps the most contemplative digital camera I have yet seen


Of Tools and Art

As any art form matures, tools become first good enough, then much better than good enough, and we can come to first develop the techniques

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