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Always With Us.

Today marks the fourth anniversary of the death of my father and founder of The Luminous Landscape Michael Reichmann.  Undoubtedly he would have found our

Photographer Profiles

Michael Reichmann’s limited edition “A 20 Year Photography Retrospective” book offer

A 400 Page Large Format Book by the late Michael Reichmann You can order here, just in time for the holidays: I am pleased

Landscape & Environment

What is the Anthropocene to us?

In the essay associated with his Anthopocene Book, Edward Bertynsky observes: “Our Planet has borne witness to five great extinction events, and these have been

Photographer Profiles

Photolucida Announces The Michael Reichmann Project Grant !

My father, Michael Reichmann had a few final wishes. One was to establish a lasting organization which would help empower deserving photographers with opportunities to

Camera & Technology

Understanding Lens Diffraction (Rediscover)

This article was written by Michael Reichmann and originally published Jan 13 2009   This is not a comprehensive treatise on the subject of lens

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