Camera & Technology

Reduce Load And Travel Lighter (April Comes Early)

When reading the comments on Luminous Landscape forum, it becomes quickly obvious that for many photographers the ability to reduce the weight of their gear

Camera & Technology

The Present State of Mirrorless Part III: Where to go if you’re looking to switch systems or add mirrorless for the first time.

Mirrorless options have proliferated in the past year, and trends have become clearer. Canon and Nikon have shown their initial hands and Leica’s L mount

Camera & Technology

The Present State of Mirrorless: Part 1

Part 1: Overview The camera market as a whole is contracting, but mirrorless is where the new growth is occurring. As the market for “serious

Camera & Technology

The Future of Mirrorless?

Two new cameras, three new lenses – what does it tell us about where we’re going? In mid-July of 2018, there were only three mirrorless

Camera & Technology

Rediscover – Understanding Mirror Lock-Up

Understanding Mirror Lock-Up Techniques for Reducing Vibration The greatest enemy of image sharpness is vibration. One of the best ways of beating vibration is through

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