Camera & Technology

A Profusion of Options – Computing for Serious Photography.

         At the beginning of 2019, there was very serious concern about Apple’s continued commitment to photographers’ needs, and Intel was doing their best to frighten

Camera & Technology

Macs for Photography?

For the more involved photographer (like most of the readership of The Luminous Landscape), the big technology companies are not really keeping pace with what

Camera & Technology

PhotoPlus Report (everything except digital cameras and lenses).

(extended version of this article here) There was a significant decline in participation among smaller manufacturers this year, continuing a trend I have seen for


BenQ SW271 4K UHD HDR Wide Gamut Monitor Review

In January of 2017, I reviewed BenQ’s outstanding SW320 31.5” 4K Wide Gamut Adobe RGB monitor for photographers. It offered groundbreaking performance at its price

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