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Sony’s new full-frame baby, Nikon lenses and an Apple fizzle

Sony just introduced the A7C, which they’re calling the smallest and lightest fully-functional full frame mirrorless camera on the market today. They are quite careful

Camera & Technology

Kings of the Mirrorless Hill – Part 2: Systems and Companies

In part 1 of this article, we looked at the Nikon Z7 and Sony A7r IV in their competitive landscape. This part will look at

Camera & Technology

Kings of the Mirrorless Hill – Sony A7r IV and Nikon Z7

Part 1- introduction and competitive landscape For photographers looking for the ultimate in image quality in a reasonably affordable and portable camera, two names stand

Camera & Technology

A printer deal worth noting, a note on raw conversion, some speculation on the industry and some notes on lenses, especially slow ones.

For those who have been following the printing series, Hunts Photo and Video in Massachusetts has an excellent opportunity to get into serious photo printing.

Camera & Technology

The Present State of Mirrorless Part III: Where to go if you’re looking to switch systems or add mirrorless for the first time.

Mirrorless options have proliferated in the past year, and trends have become clearer. Canon and Nikon have shown their initial hands and Leica’s L mount

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