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Year in Review, Year Ahead Part 3 – Lenses and Printing

We’ve seen a lot of innovation in lenses lately, and I’m looking forward to more this coming year. The full-frame mirrorless mounts are really coming


On Printing and Paper Part III – Printers.

Making your own prints, especially using a large-format printer that can produce 16×24” and larger prints, is a substantial commitment in time, space and money.


7 Crucial Steps to Getting Colors Right in Landscape Printing

I read an article lately that was entitled – “Why Camera Manufacturers Are No Longer Relevant”. We can’t deny the fact that the latest smartphone

Camera & Technology

How large is your printer? (does the difference between 45 and 60 MP really matter)

There have been many breathless articles in the technology press lately about how the Sony A7r IV is the “best camera for this or that

Camera & Technology

Turning Photographs Into Art
 Part 9 – Printing on the Epson SC-P600

1 – About printing and printers Printing is the least popular digital photography activity today. We capture a lot of digital photographs, we process a

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