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How large is your printer? (does the difference between 45 and 60 MP really matter)

There have been many breathless articles in the technology press lately about how the Sony A7r IV is the “best camera for this or that

“Sea Gulls Hovering, Oregon, 2017”, Sony A7rM2, 70-200mm f2.8 GM

The “Real” Factor – Evolution & Revolution In The Digital World

Last October I read the announced specs for the Sony A7riii and just knew that this camera was the one that I’ve been waiting for

Sony a7r III Menu System Setup Video

Setting Up The Sony A7r III Menus I am the owner of a number of Sony cameras, the a7r, a7r II, A9, a7r III and

Sony a7r III – Pixel Shift

Does Pixel Shift Make A Difference? There seems to be a constant barrage of news about the NEW Sony a7r III. The Internet is full

Sony a7r III – First Impressions

Sony a7r III - Hands-On The big news this past week in the photography world is the Sony a7r III. Like many of my fellow

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