Photographer Profiles

State of the Business – What we know and what we don’t

There have been some numbers floating around online (from an article in the Japanese business publication, showing shipment rankings for 2019 among the leading

Camera & Technology

Sony’s new full-frame baby, Nikon lenses and an Apple fizzle

Sony just introduced the A7C, which they’re calling the smallest and lightest fully-functional full frame mirrorless camera on the market today. They are quite careful

Camera & Technology

Large-caliber Canons – two bodies, four lenses, two teleconverters and a printer.

The 800-pound gorilla finally chose where to sit! Initial specifications of Canon’s new EOS R5 have been floating around online for a couple of months

Camera & Technology

“Want of Lenses” – Sony and Canon APS-C introductions

“Were I to die this moment, ‘Want of Frigates’ would be found stamped on my heart” Lord Admiral Horatio Nelson With apologies to Britain’s greatest

“Sea Gulls Hovering, Oregon, 2017”, Sony A7rM2, 70-200mm f2.8 GM

The “Real” Factor – Evolution & Revolution In The Digital World

Last October I read the announced specs for the Sony A7riii and just knew that this camera was the one that I’ve been waiting for

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