Photographer Profiles

Ajani Charles – The Impact.

Growing up in the extremely multicultural city of Toronto, my friends, family members, and collaborators invariably represent a diverse group of people. The network of

Photographer Profiles

James Maher: Streets of New York City

The latest in our video series on photographers in their favourite environments was filmed last November, but now feels like a lifetime ago. New York


Photography For a Dramatically Changing World.

There is no doubt that our world is undergoing a rare and accelerated change. A kind of forced rehab is upon us, demanded of every

Photographer Profiles

Jacques Oulé: Across time, into the sublime.

Jacques Oulé was born in France in 1958, he grew up in Aix en Provence, lived in Paris before moving to Toronto in 1981. He

Landscape & Environment

Street Photography: Where does the street begin and end? Part 1.

The history of the pathway, the street, and the scenes they often lead to is a storied one. The trail is not so much a

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