Landscape & Environment

Japan’s Cultural and Wild Frontiers

Every photography tour workshop itinerary offered has sunshine and rainbows written into it, but vital elements to any successful itinerary are planning and experience.  And

Photographer Profiles

Two James Maher follow-up videos

James Maher follow-up: The East Village Project In this follow-up to our piece on New York street photographer James Maher, we look at a long-term

Landscape & Environment

A New Japanese Photographic Landscape – The Covid-19 Effect

Mid-December, life was grand. Bookings were at an all-time high.  My team and I were gearing up for our traditional Japanese Year-End celebration, and I

Photographer Profiles

Sean Tamblyn follow-up: Winter Lighthouse

In this second follow-up to our piece on Sean Tamblyn’s Georgian Bay photography, we look at how Sean’s remote camera work (developed during his shuttle project) led him to

Around Iceland In The Winter – Photography Workshop

March 20–30, 2017 Luminous-Landscape has been doing workshops in Iceland since 2004.  We are one of the oldest if not the oldest workshop provider for

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