Ben Hattenbach

Ben Hattenbach

Ben is an avid adventurer and wilderness photographer who enjoys exploring remote corners of our planet. Among his favorite subjects are desolate arctic landscapes and the wildlife that inhabits them. In recent years, he has become particularly fascinated with the art and science of the northern lights. He now regularly ventures above the arctic circle during winter, searching for mountainous landscapes with exceptional aurorae dancing above. When not photographing wild landscapes, Ben Hattenbach is a partner at a Los Angeles-based law firm where his practice focuses on the trial of complex intellectual property disputes. More of his images of can be seen at
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Articles by Ben Hattenbach

Slot Canyons Of The Southwest

Slot Canyons Of The Southwest By Ben Hattenbach A page of large sized versions of the images found on this page is located here. Sprinkled

Iceland Locations

By Ben Hattenbach The name “Iceland” may conjure up visions of a frozen, desolate and dangerous outpost beyond the reach of civilization. Upon arriving on

Winterscapes Of The Alaskan Arctic

It was early March, and another cloudless 70 oF day had arrived in Los Angeles. Trees were leafing out, flowers were sprouting across nearby deserts,

Hunting The Great Alaskan Aurora

By Ben Hattenbach and Henry Throop It is the middle of winter and you are in the middle of Alaska.  You have traveled 100 miles