• Corner in Yellow – Havana, Cuba. March, 2015 - By Michael Reichmann
    Fuji X-T1 with 16-55mm @ ISO 4000
  • Metal Wall – Havana, Cuba. March, 2015 - By Michael Reichmann
    Sony A7II with Zeiss 35mm f/1.4 @ ISO 100
  • Columbia River Gorge Trees, April 2015 - By Kevin Raber
    Sony A 7II with 24-70mm lens at 63mm, 1/30th sec., f/20 at ISO 500
  • Trees In Washington, April 2015 - By Kevin Raber
    Sony a7 II with 70-200mm at 154mm, 1/250th sec., f/11 ISO 500
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Fifteen Remarks on Composition

Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world. Albert Einstein Introduction Having a solid knowledge of composition is one of the most important aspects of creating strong photographs.  In the context of my series of essays on personal vision and style, composition is one of the most important ways of [Read More]

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Lessons From the Hudson River School of Painting

There are many ways to improve as a landscape and nature photographer, and most involve learning both the art and craft of photography. The internet is overflowing with tips, techniques, how-to’s, and an ever growing list of experts who can show you how to capture an award winning image. Missing from this approach, however, is [Read More]

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The Landscape Photography Workshop – Book Review

The Landscape Photography Workshop Ross Hoddinott & Mark Bauer Ammonite Press www.ammonitepress.com ISBN 978-1-90770-897-8 $24.95 What novice photographer doesn’t want to take a workshop and learn it all? Who among the veteran photographers reading Luminous Landscape sometimes needs a quick refresher on a topic covered in some only half remembered class taken long ago? What [Read More]

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Precise Digital Exposure

The Basis Is Per Ansel Adams ETTR gives a correct exposure for optimum color and tonal densities, and the reason was as explained by Michael Reichmann in the article Expose (to the) Right in 2003. Most of us apply ETTR … [Read More...]

Indiana Farm

I Shot It With My iPhone

I like to challenge myself and break out of the box to try something different. After reading Rad Drew’s recent article “So You’ve Got It, But Do You Use It?” I decided I needed to use it.  I am referring of course to … [Read More...]

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Four Quick-Take Reviews

Whitewall There are any number of companies out there that do printing, both large format and on a variety of substrates. One of the oldest and best, is Whitewall. There are numerous picture framers in cities large … [Read More...]