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For over 20 years Luminous-Landscape has been a source for photographers around the world providing articles, tutorials, essays and videos on all aspects of photographic art.  We are all about sharing and we would be happy to discuss an opportunity to have you write for us.  You can get a great idea of the kind of articles we publish by reviewing our previously published articles.  Articles do not have to be long and actually do better if short and concise.  Of course, images play an important part and would be a big part of an article published.

If you are interested in contributing an article please contact us.  We accept Word or Pages documents.  Images should be 810 pixels on the long edge at 72 ppi. JEPG.  Make sure in your article you indicate where images are to be inserted and that your images are identified with the same names as shown in the submitted

Please note: we are not able to accept off-topic submissions.  We also are not currently compensating for submissions. 

Jon Swindall, Publisher

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