Gareth McCormack

Gareth McCormack

Gareth McCormack is an Irish photographer specialising in landscape, travel and adventure imagery. His images have been used by many of the world's most prominent magazines and newspapers, including Time, National Geographic and the New York Times. He has also supplied images to many, including Tourism Ireland, Air New Zealand, Microsoft and Warner Bros.

Gareth's style is characterised by bold and dynamic compositions, galvanised by the use of striking natural light.

More recently Gareth has applied his visual skills to motion imagery and time lapse photography, working on the film documentaries Secrets of the Irish Landscape (RTE) and 4000 Year Old Cold Case: The Body in the Bog (BBC4/PBS).

Gareth also runs photographic workshops on Ireland's northwest coast. Further information about the workshops and more than 3000 images can be found on his website:
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Articles by Gareth McCormack

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