Michal Sikorski

Michal Sikorski

Michal Sikorski was born in Warsaw. Poland.
He graduated in the field of photography from The School of Fine Arts in Gdynia and studied art history at University in Warsaw and Stockholm. Michal began his travel adventures in 1971 when he left the then Communist Poland and moved to Sweden. During his numerous trips,
 Michal Sikorski fell in love with the desert landscape. He is an avid nature photographer who finds inspiration in many places across the continents. His photos do not belong to the genre of documentary. He is not a naturalist, but a photographer who tries to capture the elusive
and mysterious beauty of nature through his camera lenses. His works give the opportunity to open the eyes of others to the colorful power of nature, delighting many with his gift of what he can capture esthetically through his lens.
His photographs were published and exhibited at various times in Sweden, Poland, and Germany. Homepage: http://www.photomanagement.se Link to my book: http://www.blurb.com/user/Sikorski
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“Composition In Photography As Demonstrated In Michal Sikorski’s book” A Fascination for Deserts

Michal Sikorski – has been on an over forty years’ long creative quest of photographing deserts all around the world. When deliberating possible concepts for