Luminous-Landscape is one of the pioneers in design and delivery of photography workshops. We take great pride in offering workshops that are a different kind of experience than you can find anywhere else. We hold workshops at edge-of-the-planet locations as well as areas that are closer to home.   From the moment you arrive at the selected destination, all workshops are all inclusive (unless otherwise noted). By joining forces with Rockhopper Workshops, we have made things simple so that one fee covers everything other than airfare to and from the destination: instruction, food, ground transportation, accommodation and more. We work with the best and finest instructors in our industry. All of these instructors share the same passion as we do for photography. Our goal is to give you a great photographic experience and provide in the field as well as in-classroom instruction.   Below is a listing of the workshops we are presently planning and offering. This list changes often so check back often to make sure you are up to date on the latest workshop offerings.

Logistics, accommodations and administration of all Luminous-Landscape Workshops are facilitated by Rockhopper Workshops.

New Zealand – Land Of Beauty and Hobbits

New-Zealand-2011-0529-New-Zealand-2011New Zealand – Land Of The Hobbit December 3 – 10, 2015 – Instructors Kevin Raber, Jackie Ranken, Mike Langford Get ready to explore one of the most incredible landscapes you will ever witness.   New Zealand is a one of a kind place and if it is not on your bucket list it should [Read More][Read more...]

Southern Iceland In Winter – 2016

Ice Cave - IcelandFebruary 19-27, 2016  9 Days /  8 nights Iceland is a photographer’s paradise with some of the world’s most extraordinary landscapes and it is as exciting in winter as it is in summer. At the end of February the darkness of the sub-Arctic winter is starting to lift and the days are becoming longer. The sun is low in the sky during [Read More][Read more...]

New Orleans Urban Landscape 2016

New OrleansMarch 7-11, 2016 New Orleans is a complex melange: the 19th century architecture of the old city, from the French Quarter, Marigny, Tremé, to the Garden District; the elaborate necropolises of the dead; the eccentric street life found on Bourbon and Frenchmen streets; the second line parades; the intimate jazz clubs. Layers of patina coat [Read More][Read more...]

The Ultimate Iceland Adventure 2016

iceland-2016Lula1June 2oth – 30th, 2016 Instructors Kevin Raber and Daniel Bergmann Iceland, a landscape photographers heaven.  Luminous-Landscape was one of the first to explore and offer workshops in this magnificent country.  That was over 10 years ago and since then there are dozens of workshops being offered there and at times popular locations can be [Read More][Read more...]

Patagonia Photography Workshop – 2016

Patigonia-NATURE_334March 30th – April 9, 2016  – 11 Days Kevin Raber, Art Wolfe, and Ignacio Palcios I love mountains and I seem to have a particular love affair with Patagonia. There is such a high when you are standing in front of Torres del Paine, Perito Moreno, Mt Fizt Roy and Cerro Torre… That very moment [Read More][Read more...]