Jed Best

Jed Best

I am a health professional by day and an obsessive photographer 24/7. While I was always interested in photography, it was the introduction of digital that really catapulted my passion to become an obsession. It is if I have a need to photograph and I now always carry a camera. As a self described “techno geek”, digital allowed both my right and left brain to work together and allowed me to express myself photographically. I was no longer bound by the limitations of a commercial . In addition I am a beta tester for several photographic software companies.
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Articles by Jed Best

Fuji X-Pro2 Goes to Cuba

Several months ago I signed up to take a photo workshop in Cuba led by the one and only Vincent Versace. After trading in my

Goodbye Leica – Hello Fuji

For many years I have had two camera systems. I use one system (Nikon) for most of my shooting and a second one for traveling