Ken Doo

Ken Doo

Ken Doo is a former criminal prosecutor turned professional photographer and fine art printer. He lives on the central coast of California and has a boutique portrait studio located in Carmel. Ken recently launched his new fine art printing website,
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Articles by Ken Doo

Super Wide – Cambo’s WRE-CA Adapter for Canon Lenses

The Phase One XF mated to the IQ3 100MP digital back is an incredible camera system. But when traveling or photographing landscapes, I much prefer

T5-DV with lever quick release on left; T5D with screw clamp on right. Both are Arca Swiss compatible. The T5DV also uses the KPS proprietary Slim Plate.

The KPS T5 Geared Ballhead – Review and Users Report

In Search of the Elusive White Unicorn Background For photographers, the endless search for the perfect camera bag is evasive.  Finding the right tripod head