Valerie Millett

Valerie Millett

"She promises herself adventure, new places, different views, a chance to get lost. She infuses her day with newness and wonder. She brings a camera everywhere, notices the little things, gets a cup of coffee at a different cafe, takes the long way home. She discovers so much unexpected joy. She begins to love the journey." Excerpt from the book "I Am Her" I am an explorer, an avid hiker and backpacker. I'm a freelance photographer and writer for the Arizona Republic Newspaper which is the 5th largest newspaper in the U.S. I'm a contributing writer for The Luminous Landscape and OnLandscape Magazine. My photography has been published in Outdoor Photographer Magazine, Arizona Highways Magazine, Popular Photography Magazine and OnLandscape Magazine. I'm also a published watercolor artist. I live to be on the open road discovering a new landscape. I'm often accompanied by my dog, Halo. I love to be thrust into new adventures, new landscapes, unfamiliar roads and quaint coffee shops. I am truly a romantic wanderer fueled by constant curiosity. My photography is the documentation of a fascination with the natural world. I love to be surrounded by beauty and unique landscapes. I see meaning and purpose in every journey and I see light and composition in every scene. Every trip I take, adventure I set out on, there has aways been a lesson. It's how I've come to view my photography now, as a series of lessons.
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Articles by Valerie Millett

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“Thus, the task is not so much to see what no one yet has seen, but to think what nobody yet has thought about that

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My youth was richly infused with fine art.  My parents were both painters and among my siblings you'll find a professional animator for the Cartoon