Brick Works Workshop

Firstly, apologies for this impersonal reply, but I am out of the country at the moment.

You are confirmed for the session that you requested.

Please forward your personal check or money order in the amount of CDN $250, or US $200, for each session for which you have registered.  You also need to include CDN $37.50 ( US $30 ) in combined PST and GST for each workshop session. And yes, US attendees need to pay the taxes as well, I’m afraid.

Your check should be made payable toThe Luminous Landscape Inc., and mailed right away to…

The Luminous Landscape Inc.
68 Roxborough Street West
Toronto, Ontario
M5R 1T8

 If you are mailing from the US please remember to use sufficient postage.

Your check needs to arrive no later than 2 weeks from today or your reservation will be forfeit. I will not be able to send a confirmation to everyone that your check has arrived, but I will let you know in 14 days if it hasn’t. In other words – no news is good news.

The Brickworks is located on the west side of Bayview Avenue south of Pottery Road. Directions are provided below. Also, plan on arriving at least 15 minutes before the start time of your session so we can handle paperwork without eating into your shooting time.

Note that if you need to reach me on the day of the workshop my mobile number is 416-509-8979.

Thanks for joining this workshop. It’s going to be great fun, and I’m looking forward to meeting everyone. ___________________________________________________________________,-79.362837&spn=0.095751,.170254&iwloc=A&hl=en

The above is a link to Google Maps that shows the location of the Brick Works. If you’re going to be driving you can use the directions query boxes that will appear in the pop-up when the page finishes loading. If you are going to be taking a taxi, just print out the map. Just about any cab driver will know where it is.

When you arrive at the Brick Works you will find parking on your left, and the building that we’ll be shooting in to the right of the main driveway. You won’t miss it.


Group Dinner and Get-Together

Many people have indicated that they would like to get together on the evening of Saturday, Nov 5 for dinner and drinks. At this point there are about 50 people who have expressed interest. (There are a maximum of 25 people on each of the four sessions, so potentially 100 total).

Fifty people is far too many for a sit down dinner, so what I’m going to organize is a cocktail reception with buffet style food  at a function room at theIntercontinental Hotelon Bloor street.

The cost of the food and reception room rental will be CDN $50 per person (US $40). There will be a cash bar.

If you would like to join us for this event you will need to confirm your attendance by sending a check in the amount of CDN $50 per person (US $40). It needs to arrive here no later than October 26. The reason for this is that the hotel requires pre-payment and a firm head count, and that’s the latest that the booking can be finalized. Please make your check (personal checks are OK) payable to Michael Reichmann and mailing it to….

Michael Reichmann
68 Roxborough Street West
Toronto, Ontario, canada
M5R 1T8

The reception will be held at The Intercontinental Hotel, 220 Bloor Street West, Toronto. 2nd floor function rooms, between 6pm and 8pm on Saturday, Nov 5. If you wish to bring a spouse or friend, that’s fine. Just be sure to include payment for each person attending. (Please email with your name and the name of who else is attending when you send your check).,-79.395146&spn=0.095786,.170254&iwloc=A&hl=en

If you have any questions, please let me know. Note that I will be offline between Oct 13–25, traveling in China on a workshop.