Draft Itinerary

Draft Itinerary

The Waterfalls of Yosemite

April 15 – 17, 2000Workshop 499

Our shooting schedule will, of course, include three sunrises and three sunsets. April is shoulder season in the park and locations depend on our access to roads. In the Valley we will consider:

Tunnel view

Just below the oldInspiration Point. This is the classic view into the Valley. We will shoot both a sunrise and a sunset there if conditions are right.

Gates of the Valley

In one’s viewfinder isEl Capitanat 7569 ft. This is the tallest slab of granite on the planet; 3000 ft straight up from the valley floor. TheMerced Riverbecomes your foreground and the frame is filled withBridal Veil Fallsto the right. Breathtaking! We will attempt both a sunrise and a sunset if conditions are right.

Sentinel Bridge

The classic of classics. The reflection ofHalf Domein theMerced Riveris spectacular. Besides, it’s the greatest of gathering places for photographers outside of your local equipment store. Sunset is a magic time there. "It’s good to be alive," is the thought, and it’s the easiest place on the planet to turn to the person next to you and say, "Hi, where are you from?"

If the Glacier Point Road is open:

Glacier Point.

Located three thousand feet above the valley floor here is a chance to use every lens combination in your bag. Here you’ll find the classic sun setting or rising; illuminatingHalf Dome. Just catching your breath is the first step.

Washburn Point

Similar toGlacierbut with a view of theSouthern Sierrapeaks and the back side ofHalf Dome. Foreground opportunities are limitless at this stunning turn in the road.

Sentinel Dome

A wonderful and fairly short hike will lead us to a view of the entire valley. Vistas both east and west await us. The tree that Ansel Adams photographed so many years ago has since long died but still remains a beautiful subject.

Locations for our Day Shooting

Mid-days will be spent with shape, form, detail, texture and of course color in mind.

Mirror Lake

Mostly a marsh now,Mirror Lakewith its stunning reflection ofHalf Domedirectly above will occupy us for most of one day if conditions are right.

El Capitan Meadow

Bring out the long lenses. It is exciting to capture climbers as they move up the face ofEl Capitan. The fallen trees in the meadow are always great subjects.

Swinging Bridge

All the bridges and crossings of theMerced Riverallow for interesting compositions of rock, river and of course foliage.

Happy Isle

The Merced bounces after plunging over bothVernalandNevada Falls. The trail begins here and we will go at least to the bridge for another classic valley view.

As you will quickly discover Yosemite is a wonderland and three days is only enough for an introductory outing. But, you will leave with some of the best photography that you’ve ever done. You may also find afterward, as we have, that ninety dayswithoutthe Yosemite is dangerous to your well being. Come join us.
Draft Itinerary by Steve Kossack