IQ260 Low Light Video

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The just announced Phase One IQ260 represents, for the first time since the P45+, that a medium format back is capable of clean very long exposures – a claimed 1 hour, according to Phase One.

In mid-March, 2013, Kevin Raber, one of the company’s VPs, and Jacob Frost, their  Application Software Team Leader, visited with me and we had an opportunity to do a brief test of the IQ260’s long exposure capability.

You can read more about the technology behind this new backin this article by Doug Peterson of Digital Transitions.

March, 2013


During mid-March, 2013 I was visited by three executive from Phase One. This allowed me to produce four brief videos about the new backs, along with an interview with the company’s CEO. But I also received more than a few emails by people wondering why I was giving so much coverage to one company. Did I have a special relationship with them?

The answer is that Phase One knows how to play the public relations game. Visit an influential reviewer, bring a new product for evaluation, and make senior executives available for interview. Works like a charm.

Other companies are similarly savvy, including Leica, who will allow journalist tours of their factory along with interviews with executive and engineering staff. Some other companies hold media events, and while these opportunities are for larger groups of journalists, they are thus less personal and therefore less effective, but they at least do them.

More than a few other companies figure that running print ads and issuing new product press releases is enough. That’s fine. I’d love it though if more companies were like Phase One and Leica, and became more forthcoming with their executives and new products. I know I’d enjoy it, and I think that likely you would to.

So – special relationships? Yup, with companies that get their management out from behind their desks to tell their stories to journalists and the users of their products. Come on guys. Step up to the plate.