Pimping The RX100

Sony RX100 fitted with Franiec Grip

We want small cameras and we want large sensor, and we want them together in the same body. With the RX100 Sony has placed a so-called 1″ sensor in a body about the size of a pocket point-and-shoot and has given it enough manual controls to satisfy even the most demanding photographer.

But the size of the human hand has its limitations and comfortably and effectively holding a small camera for more than just casual photography can sometimes be a challenge.

There is an elegant solution from Richard Franiec camera accessories. Richard has been making high quality accessory grips for small camera for several years, and I’ve owned several. Richard sent me an RX100 grip from his first production batch and I must say that it is beautifully made, fits perfectly to the curve of the body, and it improves the RX100’s handing by about 100%. Wrapped around the grip ones second finger curves out of the way of the lens ring and the shutter button finder is positioned perfectly, at least with my hand size. The grip adds no real depth or bulk to the camera because it remains within the profile of the collapsed lens.

Well done Richard, and a must-have for anyone with an RX100. The grips sells for $34.95 plus shipping. I regard this grip asa mustfor any RX100 owner.


Generic image of Clearviewer

Many traditionalists find it hard to adjust to a camera – any camera – that doesn’t have an eye level viewfinder of some description. The smaller the camera the more difficult it is to include one, even the crummy little windows that we see on some models.

But if you find that there are shooting situations where holding a camera at arm’s length as you would if you were myopically inspecting a baby with a smelly diaper, then there is a solution of sorts, the Clearviewer. This clever device has a high quality optical magnifier mounted on a folding armature that attaches to the RX100’s tripod thread. At first you would think that since it’s not a closed design glare would be an issue. Surprisingly, it isn’t in most instances. 

I don’t regard the Clearviewer as amust-have the way I do the Franiec Grip, but nevertheless I can recommend it, especially the premium lens model which costs $53 plus shipping.

August, 2012