Photographer Profiles

The Holocaust Memorial Berlin By Gerry Phillipson with Editors note.

Editor’s note: I was trawling the often toxic environs of the internet this morning before even getting out of bed (always a mistake). I came

Landscape & Environment

Panoramic Photography: The Psychological Power

Panoramic photography can create photographs with a psychological quality no other format can. Satisfy the logical side of our brain that we are seeing something

Landscape & Environment

Street Photography: Where does the street begin and end? Part 1.

The history of the pathway, the street, and the scenes they often lead to is a storied one. The trail is not so much a

Photographer Profiles

Kristie Muller: Penetrating the Veil of Now

Kristie Muller is an Artist and Photographer previously based in Toronto. She was born in Calgary, and recently relocated to Vancouver, British Colombia. I briefly

Camera & Technology

Creative Photographs: Tourist Locations

The Key is Aesthetic Skill. How many times do you walk away from a scene saying ‘I couldn’t see a good picture? The tourist location

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