Landscape & Environment

Treasured Lands: A Photographic Odyssey Through America’s National Parks

In trying to review this newly expanded version, It has been hard to know where to begin in covering Qt Luong’s multiple award-winning Treasured Lands.

Simplified Camera Raw 10.1 in PS Elements

Photoshop Elements – A Quick Breakdown

Watching the Charles Cramer series of videos here on Luminous Landscape was both tremendously educational and inspiring. It made me want to have another look

Shooting With The Masters – Charles Cramer Part 8

Charlie's Printer - The Canon Pro 4000 In this short article and video, we spend some time with Charlie and look at the printer he

Shooting With The Masters – Charles Cramer Part 6

Finessing The Print It’s been a while and today we continue our series with Charlie Cramer.  We  delve into the finer points of three different

Shooting With The Masters – Charles Cramer Part 5

Diving Deeper Into Printing Grays and Greens I have learned so much shooting and printing with Charlie.  It’s now time to get deeper into printing

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