Camera & Technology

Adventures with the GFX 100S (this thing shoots video?!?!) – Part 2 of A Slew of Similar Sony Sensors

Before we delve into sensors and cameras, then take off for Yellowstone National Park with the GFX 100S, there is a bit of financial news

Photographer Profiles

Year in Review, Year Ahead part 1

2020 has been a strange year for the camera industry – the pandemic has exacerbated trends that were already underway, and there are new trends

Photographer Profiles

State of the Business – What we know and what we don’t

There have been some numbers floating around online (from an article in the Japanese business publication, showing shipment rankings for 2019 among the leading

Camera & Technology

Design choices – Why do cameras look the way they do – More cameras announced…

We have three important new announcements since the last roundup, two of them video-related. The mirrorless market for serious photographers has matured to the point

Camera & Technology

Olympus has Fallen – Who’s next?

In a move that will surprise few watchers of the camera industry, Olympus is selling their camera business to Japan Industrial Partners, a private equity

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