The NEW luLa Look

Welcome to the NEW luminous-Landscape look.  We have spent the last few months working hard to improve your experience when visiting our web site.  Our goal was to improve the way you navigate around the site yet still retain the feel and charm of our original look.  

The first thing you will notice is we have moved from a very dark black background with white type to a dark gray wash with white type.  This will improve your ability to read and enjoy the site.  There is now a pull down menu bar at the top of the page.  Pull down menus is one of the easiest and intuitive methods of navigating web sites and we like simple.

The newest changes come to ourArticlesPull Down menu.  Our first selection is to give you instant access to the last five published articles.  Remembering to visit this menu will quickly catch you up on our articles between your visits. 

All of our Article choices have now been enhanced.  First, we have a listing of all the latest articles in a category.  This makes it easy for you to see all our articles in any particular category.   You can also in some choices select an individual author or topic to see associated articles.  

On the left in the green top title bar you can select to see all areas also.

Under each category choice you can select All Articles and see an alphabetical listing of all articles in the category.  Spend some time browsing these areas.  There are over 4500 articles to explore.  Have some fun.

Our Workshop menu has two choices.  One for Luminous-Landscape workshops and one choice for Luminous-Landscape partners.  Look for the partner section to expand and improve in the near future.  Under the Luminous-Landscape selection you’ll be directed to a page where we list all our workshops and making a choice on any of those will take you the specific page for that workshop.  We will be adding details on all our planned workshops over the coming weeks.  

The Video menu will direct you to our whole NEW video service.  You’ll learn more about this in our intro page and article.  We are going to be investing a lot of our resources in the video area.  Watch for more news on new and relevant videos that will be coming your way.

The Forum section remains unchanged and is a very popular area for our readers to ask questions, learn from others and share opinions.

About is just that.  Learn a little about the folks behind Luminous-Landscape and the gear they use.