The Nature Of Creativity


Defining Creativity What is creativity? It's a term widely used in the photographic world but one that is open to a variety of interpretations & definitions. So before I can write an article on the topic I ought to clarify what I mean when I use the word. A simple dictionary definition gives us "characterised by originality of thought; having or showing imagination" … [Read more...]

Silo City – Out Of The Comfort Zone


I enjoy photography and I love doing landscape photography. It’s the one form of photography that I have never grown bored with or felt burned out on.  Shooting landscapes allows me to slow down and see the scene as well as think about what I want to convey in the final image.  There are times though that I like to dive into another area of interest to me.  Urbex photography - … [Read more...]

Iceland Above and Below By Hans Strand – Book Review


Iceland - Above & Below Foreword by Art Wolfe Photography by Hans Strand Triplekite Publishing ISBN: 978-0-957 6345-8-9 Iceland Above & Below is first and foremost simply a beautiful book. This large coffee table volume represents many years and many trips to Iceland by Swedish photographer Hans Strand. It is a book of images with very little technical information … [Read more...]

The Epson V850 Pro Scanner in Context

Epson V850 Pro (Photo: courtesy of Epson America)

New scanner models that claim properties of high resolution and high dynamic range for scanning film always raise considerable interest these days, because there is a dearth of choice on the new product market, while the highly-reputed models of the past have become costly legacy items. Hence when Epson provided me the opportunity to review the new model V850 Pro, the … [Read more...]

Sony A7II and Tamron 150-600mm in Antarctica

Sony A7 MKII with Tamron 150-600mm. 1/1000 sec @ f/11 @ ISO 800 @ 600mm

Sony and Tamron Hit One Out of The Park When asked what lenses to bring on an Antarctic photographic expedition I usually quip ,"Everything from 16mm to 500mm". The reason being that one can be shooting whales or landscape from the deck of the ship one moment, and later that day be hiking on a snow field with penguins and want something really wide to tell the story … [Read more...]