Jon 'Swindy' Swindall, based in Atlanta, GA, is a seasoned photographer, cinematographer, and skilled drone pilot, known for his dynamic visual storytelling and passion for capturing the world's diverse beauty through his lens. Sr. Editor Click, connect, and create at Luminous Landscape.

Articles by Swindy

DJI Drone Ban: What Photographers Need to Know and How to Take Action

A Personal Perspective    As a professional photographer and videographer who has used DJI drones for almost ten years, I have relied heavily on DJI’s advanced

Photographer Profiles

Man Ray Resdiscovered in NYC: “Le Baiser de Man Ray”

Celebrate the unveiling of "Le Baiser de Man Ray" at its grand opening in New York City. Experience the revolutionary art of Man Ray in a showcase of his unseen works at Bruce Silverstein’s galle

Camera & Technology

Camera & Technology

Nikon buys Red

Nikon Acquires RED, Perhaps a New Era for Visual Storytellers

With the NIKON RED merger, we could see the ability for a creator to switch the capabilities of their camera to best capture the subject materi

Camera & Technology

The Fullest of Frames: Sprocket Rocket Results Pt 1

“Sprocket Rocket & Wabi Sabi: A Photographic Journey” – Dive into our latest gallery, building on our exploration of life’s beautiful imperfections from our previous