Ashok Viswanathan

Ashok Viswanathan

Retired company exec with a passion for travel, landscape & portrait photography. A dedicated Nikon user from the early 70s, now gone digital with two Fuji XE3 bodies and four Lenses. Still shoot film, mainly FP4 and HP5 on my Rolleiflex and Hasselblad 500 cm system. Work with a Macbook Air and a 24 inch Profiled EIZO monitor running Affinity photo and NIK. Long time international exhibitor with several awards and considerable published work in print and on the web. Also interested in Alternative processes from the late 1800s such as Cyanotypes, Van Dyke Brown, Bromoil and Gum bichromate using large format digital internegatives. Lives in Chennai, India.

Articles by Ashok Viswanathan

Landscape & Environment

 LAOS – Off the beaten track

Focus on the Journey: Ashok Viswanathan takes us through his camera bag and his journey to Laos. LAOS known as “Lao People’s Democratic Republic” is