5 Short Interviews From PhotoPlus

November 2, 2014 ·

Michael Reichmann

By Michael Reichmann

The PhotoPlus 2014 show in New York in late October saw a few new products being announced, for the first time in North America at least. I had been at Photokina in Germany the month before, and frankly, with only a few exceptions, found the industry to be a bit in the doldrums, as well as in a transition state.  PhotoPlus, because it is a consumer show, was much more lively and the crowds seemed to looking at everything with enthusiasm.

Because I was at the show for only one day, I was traveling light, and so instead of the more extensive video interviews which Kevin and I did at Photokina in September, I did mostly audio interviews at PhotoPlus. I also focused my attention on some of the smaller companies exhibiting for the first time, but also with Epson who is just now announcing the SureColor P600 photo printer in North America, though it was shown at Photokina earlier.

Epson P600 Photo Printern







Jerry Uelsmann


November, 2014

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