Camera & Technology

Of The Complexities of Image Quality – Part I – the sensor itself.

Sensor Generations There are roughly four generations of ancient sensors from the Nikon D1, which many would call the first true DSLR, to what I’m

Camera & Technology

Of the complexities of image quality (Introduction)…

Introduction:     What is image quality, really? How much of it do we need? It’s not just resolution, although resolution plays some role. If we

Camera & Technology

Beyond Calibration

By Chris Schneiter Recently, I happened to watcha video from Bruce Barnbaumabout the importance of giving enough exposure when shooting film. This is something that

Camera & Technology

Processing Ice and Snow

Editing Ice and Snow with and NIK Detail Extractor, Auto Curves and Apply Image There is a technique that I frequently use when I am

Camera & Technology

Fujifilm and Hasselblad (and Apple), Oh My…

We are entering what I used to call PhotoPlus season, although there hasn’t been a PhotoPlus Expo since 2019. We lost 2020 and 2021 to

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