Camera & Technology

Looking Ahead to 2023 Part 1 – what will probably happen

I’ve decided to do this differently this year. Rather than going manufacturer by manufacturer, I’m going to look at some possible introductions, losses and trends

Camera & Technology

Introducing the Epson SureColor P9570 (And An Apple Announcement)

Before we get to the meat of this article, introducing our long-term test Epson SureColor P9570, it’s worth commenting briefly on the three Macs Apple

Camera & Technology

Reminiscences on Photography in 2022 and Year-end awards

We’ve had an interesting, partially post-COVID year in the photo industry, and I hope that next year will be a further unclogging of the pipeline

Camera & Technology


The current state of the art of the various “formats” of digital capture range from the tiny little sensors in camera phones to MF sensors

Camera & Technology

Image Quality Part III – Lenses (and a note on 40 MP APS-C and the loss of PhotoPlus)…

Before we dive deeply into lens design and construction, a quick note on the new Fujifilm cameras using the 40 MP APS-C sensor, and on

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