Camera & Technology

The 11” M1 iPad Pro – a powerful computer with a phone OS

Apple has crammed some amazing technology into the svelte frame of the 11” M1 iPad Pro. At almost exactly 1 lb in weight, it is

Camera & Technology

Of beautiful trees and ambitious cameras and lenses. Part 1 – where we’ve come from.

I was hoping to be on the Pacific Crest Trail at this point in the summer, but a knee injury has left me wandering around

Camera & Technology

Printer review – the Epson ET-8550

I have recently been printing with Epson’s ET-8550, an interesting hybrid photo/ office printer with very low running costs. The other piece of LuLa review

Camera & Technology

The Proof is in the Printing – Part III of A Slew of Similar Sony Sensors

You’ve never seen files like this before, unless you’ve used either the original GFX 100 or very expensive medium format modular systems from Phase One

Camera & Technology

Adventures with the GFX 100S (this thing shoots video?!?!) – Part 2 of A Slew of Similar Sony Sensors

Before we delve into sensors and cameras, then take off for Yellowstone National Park with the GFX 100S, there is a bit of financial news

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