Abstract Vacation

August 27, 2012 ·

Art Wolfe

My Abstract Vacation to OregonfromArt WolfeonVimeo.

I took off on a short trip through Oregon with friends. I just love the Eastern parts of Washington and Oregon—while it is only a few hours from the population centers of Seattle and Portland, it has a wonderful feel of solitude. A colder, wetter spring has come late to the region, and there is still lots of snow on the mountains, which is a lovely backdrop to the rural landscape. Our trip in Oregon drew to an all too soon end. It was great just going with the flow… capturing whatever my eye, mind and heart wanted to photograph.

July, 2011

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American photographer, author and conservationist, best known for color images of wildlife, landscapes and native cultures. His photographs document scenes from every continent and hundreds of locations, and have been noted by environmental advocacy groups for their "stunning" visual impact.

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