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December 1, 2010 ·

Mark Dubovoy

Solving the problem of printing with no color management

Several months ago I posted an article about the problem of trying to print without color management with Epson printers, Adobe  Photoshop and Apple computers. The original articlecan be found here.

Printing without color management is critical for anyone that needs to print targets for profiling.  In the article, I posted a workaround to the problem.  Most of us have had to live with this less than ideal situation for a while.


Adobe to The Rescue

Since I wrote the article, I have been in touch with the three manufacturers mentioned above.  

It does not take a rocket scientist to realize that the option of printing with no color management is blatantly absent from the print dialog in Photoshop CS5.  This was the first hint that something was afoot.

In the last few months, I have been testing the beta version of  the newAdobe Color Printer Utility.  The sole purpose of this new piece of software is to be able to print without color management.  The software is obviously very simple.  All you do is navigate to the file you want to print and then ask the application to print it.  No color management, no changes, it simply prints the file “as is”.

This is exactly, precisely what those who make their own profiles have been asking for.

I can attest to the fact tat the software works as advertised.  I have printed a number of targets and they measure as they should.

Adobe should be commended for finally solving this problem, and also for offering this application as a free download.

I was asked by Adobe to keep the existence of this application in strict confidence until the final version was released for download on their site.  The software was released earlier today.  Here is a link to the download.

December, 2010

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