Antarctic 2005 Members Photographs

The photographs on this page were taken by members of my December, 2005 Expedition / Workshop to Antarctica. Each person was asked to select their favourite four images and whatever accompanying text they wished.

New selections will be announced onWhat’s New, and then added here, as they are received.

Errol Nezon

Gentoo Trio

Penguin Diving Competition

Heavily Armed-Not Dangerous

Paradise Bay

Olaf Willoughby




Eugene Worley





Jed Best




Lawrence Yanover





Stephen Starkman

My personal challenge during the expedition was to expand my photographic seeing. I hope you enjoy these images.

A larger and ever growing collection of my Antarctic images can be found at:




Emile Wessels

"Blue Droops" Canon 20D with Canon 28-135 at ISO 400.
People who were not there are certainly going to have trouble believing that the colours are "true".

"Climbing Penguin" Canon 20D with Canon 100-400L at ISO 400.
I was amazed at how far from the water penguins wander in search of suitable nesting sites.

Floe Reflections Almirante Brown Antarctica
Canon 20D with 28-135mm lens ISO 400

"Are you stalking me?" Canon 20D with 100-400L ISO 400
I just can’t resist doing animal portraits