Landscape & Environment

Shooting for the truth

It’s a brave ambition, in times like ours, to turn away from the seductive certainties of capital-T Truth. The inaugural issue of the multimedia platform

Landscape & Environment

Japan’s Cultural and Wild Frontiers

Every photography tour workshop itinerary offered has sunshine and rainbows written into it, but vital elements to any successful itinerary are planning and experience.  And

Landscape & Environment

Hudson Valley Diners By Andrew Paquette

Last March, I was planning a shoot in New York City. The lockdown hit and it was off. Everything was off. Clients were unavailable, or

Landscape & Environment

Lockdown Landscapes

In many ways, the pandemic has brought hardship and even tragedy to all our lives. For me, it also brought creative renewal. At the beginning

Landscape & Environment

Therapeutic Power Spots Japan – Healing The Adventurer Photographer

No explorer with backpack and camera in hand can escape the consequences of the decisions they have made.  Two shining examples are Edmund Hillary or

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