Landscape & Environment

Capturing the Human Spirit

The main focus of my two trips to Myanmar, also known as Burma, was to capture images that reflect the human spirit of a people

Landscape & Environment

The Magic Of Superior By Greg Czarnecki

Lake Superior weaves its way into the mind with endless possibilities.  It is a destination filled with compelling features and great locations.  With over 2700

Landscape & Environment


Urban Abstracts

  On seeing the title of this article you might be asking yourself “what is an ‘urban abstract’?”. As a creative photographer who likes to

Landscape & Environment

The Nomadic Photography Life

For many Americans, the life script looks something like this: finish schooling, work for years in an okay but not amazing job, fit in the

Landscape & Environment

Congratulations, You are an Artist!

Photographers are remarkably resistant to the idea that they are artists. Not every photographer, of course, but in a group of photographers you’ll usually find

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