Landscape & Environment

Sky 7

Sky: Looking Into The Landscape’s Soul

“If eyes are windows to the soul in a portrait, sky is the window to the soul in a landscape” Portrait photography captures life and

Landscape & Environment

Finding My Vision

One would say the nature of photography is capturing the light of the subject. For myself, it’s more… From the time I got my hands

Landscape & Environment

Astrophotography (Rediscover)

By Michael Reichmann Milky Way #2 Pentax 645z with 35mm lens @ f/4.5 122 seconds at ISO 12,800 One of the most beautiful sights in

Landscape & Environment

Svalbard The Midnight Sun

The Art of Polar Bear Photography

There are few animals on the planet that inspire and evoke emotion like Usrsus maritimus – the Polar Bear. The worlds largest land predator, the

Landscape & Environment

“Two Arctic Wolves, Profiles in Black & White”

Seeing Wildlife As Compositional Elements

During the 2010 Sedona Photo Festival, I was one of six exhibitors in a show featuring the works of local master photographers. During a quiet

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