Doug Peterson

Doug Peterson

Doug Peterson is a Product Manager and Technical Specialist at Digital Transitions. He teaches a variety of courses on Capture One, and is the go-to-guy for rigorous testing on all new medium format digital hardware and software coming to market. Doug graduated from Ohio University with a BS in Visual Communication, and has a continuing passion for photography.

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Camera & Technology

The Road To The Phase One IQ4

Phase One Raises The Bar Again By now you’ve likely read about the new Phase One IQ4 series. If not, head over to our “Phase

LEFT: Trichromatic CFA

Phase One Trichromatic: Part 2

  What Phase One Didn't Do Before we discuss specifically what Phase One did with the Trichromatic and where you will see the difference in

Image by Niels Knudsen on Phase One IQ3 100mp Trichromatic during development of the Trichromatic CFA and its hand-tuned color profile.

Phase One Trichromatic: Part 1

Publisher's Note:  Thank You, Doug, for your two articles.  Part 2 will be published on Tuesday.  Doug is one of the foremost experts on this

The Phase One XF Story – Past, Present & Future

How Long-Term Thinking at a Small Danish Company Has Reinvented Medium Format Again and Again Prologue Team Phase One makes raw workflow software, digital backs,

The Phase One IQ250 CMOS Fully Realized

Prerequisite Reading If you haven’t heard about the IQ250 yet, I’d suggest before you read this article you read this site’s preliminary review and Digital Transitions’ 11 Things