Hans Strand

Hans Strand

Hans Strand, born in 1955 in Marmaverken, Sweden. After a nine-year career in mechanical engineering, he decided to devote his life to landscape photography, which has been his long-held hobby and great passion. It’s a change he never regretted. Hans has always felt drawn to the untamed and manipulated emotions and expressions that he finds in nature. He often says: ”The wilderness is the mother of all living things. It is always true and never trivial”. Hans work takes him to diverse places worldwide; from polar deserts to steaming rain forests and expansive deserts. The internationally awarded landscape photography is seldom a portrait of a place, but an expression of forces that create and mold a landscape. His pictures, frozen in a static frame, still tell a story of movement, time and evolution. Lately, his photography has also taken a course away from the untouched and wild nature and focused more on people´s influences on ecosystems. Photographs of water pollution and the visual magic of manmade agricultural landscapes have become an important ingredient in his in recent work. Hans Strand is frequently published in international photo and art magazines and his work has created a worldwide following. Many enthusiasts want to learn from Hans, and he brings people on location for photo workshops, or meet his audience as a speaker at photography events. He has won thirteen international awards, including the Hasselblad Master Award in 2008. He has published seven books, often with themes relating to the environment and people’s relations to nature and landscapes. The two latest are Iceland Above and Below and Intimate I. After numerous exhibitions in Europe, his art work is now introduced to an American gallery audience. He lives in Stockholm, Sweden, with his wife Carina and daughter Johanna. Apart from photography, he has a great passion for classical music and he is a lover of Burgundy wines.
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King Penguins, St. Andrews Bay, South Georgia

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One and half year ago Kevin Raber emailed me and offered me a seat as a photography instructor on his and Luminous Landscape's South Georgia