Photographer Profiles

Introducing Contributor Ed Gordon

Firstly, I would like to thank Josh for inviting me to share my work, thoughts, and ideas about photography. We cannot discuss photography in isolation

Photographer Profiles

Honoring our founder and my father Michael, 5 years on.

Not everyone who has visited or who frequents The Luminous Landscape met my father, Michael Reichmann, the founder and true voice of this site and

Landscape & Environment

Shooting for the truth

It’s a brave ambition, in times like ours, to turn away from the seductive certainties of capital-T Truth. The inaugural issue of the multimedia platform

Photographer Profiles

On The Deeper Meaning of Seeing (Rediscover)

“Of Nature itself upon the soul; the sunrise, the haze of autumn, the winter starlight seem interlocutors; the prevailing sense is that of an exposition

Photographer Profiles

“I celebrate life”: Rediscovering Ed van der Elsken’s fearless eye

The daring vision of legendary Dutch street photographer Ed van der Elsken (1925-1990) has been revived in feest, a new book by Rijksmuseum Amsterdam. After

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