Photographer Profiles

“TENZIN”: My feature film has been nominated, more.

In 2010 a friend mentioned that gang stabbings were happening in the Tibetan community within Parkdale Toronto (in Ontario, Canada). As a practicing Tibetan Buddhist,

Photographer Profiles


Editor’s note: In 2019 I wrote about a phenomenal image-maker and photographer named Osheen Harruthoonyan whose approach and results mesmerized us. Here is an invite

Photographer Profiles

Global Warning: The Art and call of John Paul Caponigro

John Paul Caponigro’s recent work, Global Warning, warns   viewers of the climate change crisis occurring on Earth. John Paul is an internationally collected visual artist

Landscape & Environment

Figures in a Landscape: The Art of Kazuyoshi Nomachi (Rediscover)

Japanese photographer Kazuyoshi Nomachi shares with his contemporaries Sebastião Salgado and and Steve McCurry an ability to turn photojournalism – the art of capturing the

Photographer Profiles

Image Stories – Ramble On

Led Zepplin ~ Ramble On This month, lots of images. I will not re-visit this period of my journey so get ready for a packed

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