Photographer Profiles

Developing Photographs on Stone in a Darkroom

I’ve always loved photography and have been shooting mostly analog photos for the past few years. About a year ago, wanting to take this interest

Photographer Profiles

How a day photographing down syndrome and special needs children unfolded – By Eric Jude

It’s every photographer’s truest intent to capture an image that unfolds the story of the subject. To click an image that acts as an ode

Photographer Profiles

R. J. Kern’s The Unchosen Ones: Portraits of an American Pastoral. By Abby Ferguson

My favorite works of art make you pause to examine, question, and ponder. Not necessarily as a means of getting profound life lessons, but work

Photographer Profiles

“TENZIN”: My feature film has been nominated, more.

In 2010 a friend mentioned that gang stabbings were happening in the Tibetan community within Parkdale Toronto (in Ontario, Canada). As a practicing Tibetan Buddhist,

Photographer Profiles


Editor’s note: In 2019 I wrote about a phenomenal image-maker and photographer named Osheen Harruthoonyan whose approach and results mesmerized us. Here is an invite

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