Harold Merklinger

Harold Merklinger

Harold Merklinger is a retired scientist living in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. As a teenager he considered photography as a career, but after talking to a few professional photographers, he decided that there were probably other careers that would afford a better chance to appreciate photography as a hobby. His interests tend to be somewhat technical. In 1990 he wrote a book on photographic depth of field and followed that with a second one in 1993 on view camera focus and depth of field. Both books are currently available for download from his web site:http://www.trenholm.org/hmmerk/download.html

Articles by Harold Merklinger

Photographer Profiles

Rediscover – Understanding Bokeh

Understanding Bokeh Dr. Harold Merklingeris a well-regarded expert in the field of optics and author of several books on the topic. Boke (or Bokeh if

The Leica M8 and Infra-Red Photography

Fisherman's Cove, Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia.Leica M8, ISO 320, 28 mm f/2.8 Elmarit ASPH at f/4.8 and 1/90 sec.A visually opaque Leitz Infa-Red filter was

Rules of The Game

What Are the Rules? By Harold Merklinger Mark Schacter's essay on these pages titled Am I a Photographic Cheat? invites answers. Photography, like many aspects of life,

Canon Tilt-Shift Lens TS-E 24/3.5L Version II Review

This opening photo was taken with the Canon TS-E 24/3.5L, the original version, on a 5D Mk II at f/8. I have made prints of